Team Building with Idlewild is an experience that can be customized to meet the needs of your group or organization. Our course catalog includes low adventure experiences, games and puzzles designed to engage participants and get them working together, and high adventure experiences that challenge participants to reach for new heights.

 Team Building Courses

  • Introductory Exercises and Low Ropes Elements – This course is designed to introduce participants, highlight concepts such as language and personality assessment, and get everyone working together. The course includes a selection of classic icebreakers like the Human Knot, group think games like Traffic Jam and active scenarios like Tarp Flip. This experience can be created for a youth group, a university organization or a corporate team.
  • High-Energy Low Ropes Elements – This course is a showcase of the most active elements in our course catalog. Participants will complete individual challenges like walking the slackline, team challenges like the Spider’s Web and Mine Field.
  • Guided Rock Climbing and Rappelling Courses – Participants will learn basic rock climbing skills and safety systems; and then put them into play as they climb together, belay each other and share the rappelling experience. More information on this course and its pricing can be found here.

*All Idlewild adventures are smoke-free experiences*