Jamestown is a small town in the northeast corner of Alabama, just a few miles from Little River Canyon.  There’s treasure in them thar hills!  In 2005, the SCC secured access to a beautiful slab of rock with super rad trad routes and stout bolted lines!

Getting there is half the battle.  The turn off of the highway is tough to spot, and while it’s possible to get close to the trailhead without it, 4WD is recommended.  There’s a short hike up a hill, but just follow the cairns and you can’t go wrong.

Yum Yum Tree (5.7+) should be your first stop.  It’s easily the best in the state at the grade, and it’s tall enough to getcha warmed up.  The Harvest Wall has a collection of high quality moderates, but Winter Wall is definitely worth checking out.  Registration, the Arch (5.9+), is a gorgeous arching hand crack, and it shares anchors with an amazing sport route called Hairdressers On Fire (5.11c)!

Idlewild will be adding Jamestown to our list of destinations for intermediate and advanced climbing courses in 2016!