REI will be closed on Black Friday to promote #optoutside.

REI, along with Patagonia, Clif and other such companies of good character, were the inspiration for Idlewild, and they continue to inspire.  The #optoutside campaign is all about getting folks outside on Black Friday, away from the crowded aisles and consumerism.

Initiatives like 1% for the Planet, a network of responsible companies whose members share profits with conservation organizations around the wold, are changing the way businesses operate.  REI has just changed the game again.

It will be interesting to see how other companies in our industry and others will react.  Will any of our local outdoor retailers #optoutside?  And who will be the first major player in the grocery world to say, “We’ll see you on Wednesday, we’ll see our families on Thursday and we’ll be playing outside on Friday”?

Corporations have power, influence and, thus, responsibility.  Support those that #optoutside?

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